Friday, April 15, 2011

Six Flags Magic Mountain!

 We decided to fly into John Wayne airport. 
 Meeting the characters at Six Flags was Lydia's favorite thing to do there!
 My favorite thing was taking pictures!!
Such perfect weather in California!
Poor Brighton was too short for Superman by 1/8 of an inch!  He was so excited and got all the way to the front of the line, but they wouldn't let him on.

 X2 is one of the newest rides....and the scariest!!  Ken couldn't wait to ride it!
Goliath is a HUGE roller coaster.  One of the favorites!

The kids got a kick out of pretending to be Elmer Fudd!
 Tweety and Sylvester liked Lydia so much that they autographed her map!
She felt so special!
 Batman and The Flash were stopping everyone to take pictures.  Brooklyn felt a little silly but hey....they're awesome!
 I think Lydia had a little crush on Batman.  She kept wanting to go look for him after this.
Mom and Lydia stuck together in Bugs Bunny Town.  Good times!!
 Lydia rode the train
 and the bus
and even Tweety's bird cages!  No lines so she got right on!

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